Jamie is in the top 1% of TREB and is one of the top 5 agents at Harvey Kalles. He's sold over 2000 homes and condos and has over 20 years of experience. 

The J Erlick Real Estate Group is leveraging modern marketing strategies to foster a direct to consumer advantage.

Collaborative environment

Competitive edge

Creative agency

Lifestyle company

Modern technology has empowered todays Buyers, Sellers and Investors and we are tapping into this trend by creating a culture of excitement around real estate in the GTA by way of effective consumer advertising, PR, global targeting, as well as by creating online real estate entertainment and educational messaging for Buyers, Sellers and Investors worldwide. We give every property the power of virality.

With effective direct to consumer advertising, smart conversion funnels, and a highly trained in-house sales team, The J Erlick Real Estate Group can lessen the industry’s reliance on co-operating agents and put money back into the hands of its clients.